Künük, a boutique hotel in Merida

A treasure embraced by nature


kunuk Hotel Boutique

An oasis within the city

Our delightful boutique hotel in Merida is an architectural masterpiece carefully designed to offer the best of both worlds: a space for deep rest in contact with nature and a window to the past, a hologram that allows us to enjoy the beautiful designs of yesteryear in the casona, with all the comfort of a modern, technological and avant-garde lifestyle within the rooms.

The rooms, with their light touches of wood, neutral colors, and organic textures, are small havens where you and your loved ones will find luxury and comfort; the garden, surrounded by vegetation and imposing trees, is an ecosystem in and on itself, and the restaurant, with some fresh ingredients grown directly in our home garden, is a tribute to local gastronomy.


Our Hotel in Merida, Mexico is a Historical Gem

Blend of Heritage and Modernity

Originally built at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1905, the house in which our hotel is located has witnessed great historical events in Mexico and has survived over the years, the tempestuous weather conditions, and changes of hands.

This hundred-year-old oasis in the Barrio de Santiago, the heart of the city, is located partially on the famous 59th Street, the first paved street in Merida and one of its main thoroughfares, which has received famous historical figures, such as former president and General Porfirio Diaz during his visit to the state in 1906.

Its spaces, interior, and exterior refer to the well-known period buildings but seen through a modern lens that artistically fuses them with the carefree and avant-garde lifestyle of the 21st century.

In the center, there is an imposing tree around which the rooms are arranged. It also acts as the protector of the complex ecosystem within the hotel’s garden.

With different warehouses, a privileged location, and a unique style, Künük has a refreshing essence and undeniable charm.


Charming spaces, privileged location and a unique style

Facilities and Services

Discover Our Impressive

Between wide corridors and historical windows there are abundant gardens, a pool in tune with the surroundings, a bar-lounge ideal for enjoying a refreshing drink just the way you like it, and a restaurant that awaits with dishes unlike anything you have ever tried before.




With ferns, palms, water lilies, and an endless number of species native to the region, the garden is the perfect place to close your eyes and reconnect with the universe, listening to the water running in the background and breathing in the fresh air.





Art and History

in Every Corner

Everything you see around Künük is art, from the spaces, with wide ceilings of more than five meters and delicate European details that refer to French architecture, a legacy of its more than one hundred years of history, to the spectacular pieces of art that you will find in every corner.

We have a wide collection of masterpieces of all kinds, from antique pieces from the 18th century, art from the Republic of Cuba, ornate lamps, small carved wood sculptures, hand-embroidered Mexican textiles, and much more.

Your own private veranda in the comfort of nature.


ecological commitment


Helping the ecosystem around us is one of our greatest goals. Merida is a destination with unimaginable value, not only because of its historical importance but also because of the vast flora and fauna found in it and the enormous cultural capital it houses within its population, its buildings, and its essence.

Künük is an architectural feat designed to contribute to the conservation of the environment – from the handmade floors, carefully crafted with absorbent materials that allow water to return to the water table, to the facilities, artistically arranged around a Huaya tree that serves as the main axis of the hotel and shelters it all with its shade.


local artisans

Collaborating with

The work and connection with the community is also a priority for us. Our hotel in Merida is an agent of change and an opportunity-creator for local artisans, whom we thank for their dedicated work with the textiles and some of the art pieces in our facilities.

We also have agreements with workers from the fields of Oaxaca, from where the mezcal that you can find in our lounge bar comes directly, and with communities of women who, with their own hands, make the palm slippers found in the rooms, or the bath sponges in the showers.

We firmly believe in the enormous national talent, and we are proud of the art and crafts that Künük has at home.


Calle 59 in Merida

The Main Avenue

With more than five kilometers in length, 59th Street is the main avenue, where Merida receives all its visitors, and remnants of its colonial history can be seen in the facades of the houses, the types of constructions and the structures that, to date, today, remain standing.

It connects directly with the Parque de la Paz, one of the most visited by both locals and foreigners, with a beautiful fountain in the center and leafy trees around it. It also runs parallel to various points of interest, such as the city's main square –Plaza Grande–, or the Cathedral of San Ildefonso.


Barrio de Santiago

A Cultural Treasure


The Barrio de Santiago, as it is known today, is the beating cultural heart of Merida and one of the main social and historic hotspots for both national and international travelers.

The place itself is a survivor of the passage of time and a mirage of the past since it was the first indigenous town that the Spanish conquistadors found when they arrived at T'hó – the Mayan city atop which Merida was founded. Its name in Spanish is a tribute to Santiago Apostol, the Patron Saint of Spain.

Full of history, iconic buildings, and a unique vibe, the Barrio de Santiago is definitely a must-visit.


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